Victoria Realty Management manages projects for luxury hospitality and residential, retail stores, entertainment venues and commercial spaces. We have extensive experience in Europe and more recently in US and Middle-East. Our mission is to create environments with stimulating, attractive and entertaining experiences, while enhancing content with innovative technologies and interactives, all while staying grounded in solid business practices.

Whether you require full services from design through installation/construction, or need your existing design facilitated through production and installation, we select and manage the right team of in-house staff, consultants, fabricators, general contractors to get the project completed to budget and schedule, always maintaining high quality standards. Using our experienced core staff of specialists, we can supplement our resources with design consultants and contract fabricators/constructors carefully selected for your project.

When you need a managing agent acting on your behalf to ensure the best results from your project team, Victoria Realty Management is capable of playing the part of Owner’s Representative; we have led complex projects with many players to successful openings, and understand the many coordination and interface issues inherent in today’s environment and constraints.

We also like to be involved at the very beginning of any project where due diligence and administrative services are strongly required.

-Due diligence

-Administrative services

-Design co-ordination

-Project management

-Construction management

-Production checks & inspections

-Owner’s rappresentative services

-Real estate strategic consultancy